Mobile Casino Gaming


Lucky Dog Entertainment, Inc. (Lucky Dog) provides a unique, one-of-a-kind, Turn Key Software Platform which combines E-commerce, On-Line Brand Promotion, 50+ entertaining on-line and MOBILE social casino games, that

If you are a Tribal Casino providing on-line Social Gaming and you are sending your customers to another site – STOP BUILDING YOUR COMPETITION’S BUSINESS.

WHY is the BIDNWIN turnkey platform A BETTER SOLUTION than sending your customer to another site?

    • BidnWin is installed on YOUR site.
    • BidnWin INCREASES YOUR on-line customer base.
    • BidnWin PROMOTES YOUR on-line brand.
    • BidnWin DRIVES on-line customers to visit YOUR CASINO.
    • BidnWin TRAINS your customers to play games on YOUR SITE.
    • BidnWin INCREASES your Geographical footprint.
    • BidnWin ATTRACTS YOUNGER on-line customers.
    • BidnWin PROTECTS your valuable customer DATA.

Leverage your EXISTING customer base and DRIVE new growth by offering a Fun and Exciting on-line experience where your customers win products, services, and CA$H awards on their PC or mobile phone and then COLLECT THEM AT YOUR CASINO.

If your on-line gaming solution is to send your customers to someone else’s site, please consider this:

  • You are sending your customers OFF SITE and OUT OF MIND.
  • The daily follow-up emails to that customer are coming from your competition.  You are now out of the loop.
  • You are not getting any new referrals or new business back to your casino.
  • You are getting Little or NO player data for referring your customer to another site.
  • You are not getting any revenue for referring your customer to someone else’s site.
  • You are promoting SOMEONE ELSE’S on-line brand.
  • You are seeding SOMEONE ELSE’S on-line market and business.
  • Consider that the company you are sending your customer’s to WILL be your on-line competition in the future.

Don’t send your customers to someone else and don’t build someone else’s business.  Lucky Dog Entertainment, Inc. will provide you with YOUR OWN BRANDED platform. 

E-commerce + Social Casino Gaming + Social Networking = Game Changing Success!